Paid Survey Websites – Are Paid Survey Websites A Legitimate Way To Make Money?

There are thousands upon thousands of claims that people can make money doing surveys. However, there are also thousands upon thousands of claims that they are a complete scam and a waste of time. Therefore, the question to be asked is, which claims are true and which claims are false? The answer will be revealed during this article review in addition to if they are a Scam or Not.

Some Information

Most paid survey websites are totally free to join and participate. Legitimate ones will never require you to spend any money. There is absolutely no limit to how many you can join. However, there is, sometimes, a limit to how many surveys you can take each day with one particular site. Therefore, joining a few of them isn’t a bad idea!

Generally speaking, paid surveys websites offer surveys in which take around 10-20 minutes to complete but some require around 30 minutes while others only require around 5 minutes. Some also offer Focus Groups in which could take around 1-3 hours to complete but the payouts for those are generally higher.

To keep it simple, usually the longer it takes to complete a survey or focus group, the higher the payout is once completed!

The questions asked by companies are hard to pin-point because honestly, they can be all over the place. They ask a wide variety of questions, listed below are a few commonly asked survey questions.

1. Products/Services Opinion – In this case, you will be asked questions relating to a specific product or service that you have claimed to experience. For example, if you have tried Red Bull Energy Drink, they may ask you your opinion on the taste, texture, price, how much you like the look of the can itself in which the drink is in, and many other related questions.

2. Art Related Topics – Have you gotten the chance to hear “Hello” by Adele yet? If you have, there could be a survey asking how you felt about the song. What are your thoughts on the lyrics, the studio quality, the instrumental, and many more. How did you feel about the song when you first heard it. Did it make you feel sad, happy, angry, scared(for whatever reason), and so forth.

3. Questions About… surveys – Partially a joke, but also likely to possibly come up one day if you take enough of them. They may ask you how you feel about taking them. How do you feel about the length of time it takes to complete them? Are they too long or too short? Have you been able to make the amount of income you were expecting? Is the income you are making satisfying?

Now that we have some information about surveys themselves and the types you may be taking, let’s move on to the fun stuff! Can you actually make money taking surveys? If so, how much money should you expect to make?

Money, Money, Money!

So the second most important question is can you actually make money taking surveys? The answer is, yes as long as they are legitimate!

Keep in mind, some are certainly scams, so beware! However, there are plenty others that legitimately will pay you money. I have created an article awhile back explaining a few legitimate paid survey websites as well as some that are complete scams. So, for the ones that are legitimate and actually do pay people for completion, how much money can you expect to make?

Generally, payouts range from $1 to around $80 per completed survey. For Focus Group types, this payout could range to around $100 or more but as mentioned before, take much more time to complete than regular surveys. Payouts differ, therefore, I cannot give you an exact number of payouts you can earn.

However, legitimate paid survey websites will inform you on how much money the payouts are for each before you even begin. Once again, the golden rule is, the more extensive and the longer it takes to complete, generally has a higher payout!

How To Get Paid?

Now that we know we can actually make money, I will now discuss briefly how you will be getting compensated. There are several different types of payouts, I will go over a few.

1. Points – Some companies have payouts in the form of points. With this payout, you have a few options to choose from. You can get actual physical money, you can use the points towards an item such as a brand new Xbox 360, or you can choose to spend your points on a raffle ticket type of thing for the chance to win something awesome like a brand new Nissan Versa.

2. PayPal – Companies are starting to change to this method of payout. PayPal payouts are becoming the new norm when it comes to compensation. Why? Because it’s easy and direct. You could take 5 surveys in one day and see your payout totaled at the end of the week enter your PayPal account. Then simply take that money and transfer it to your bank and boom!

3. Check – Some companies, however, pay by check. They generally do this on a monthly basis. Generally speaking, they require some type of minimum earning before you will receive your check such as $50.00. Most companies that have payouts this way have a set date each month for sending out checks. So, as soon as you take enough surveys to earn $50.00, they will send you your check of $50.00 or more on that specific day each month, such as on the 7th of each month.

Are Paid-Surveys A Scam?

To keep it simple, no! I mentioned this before, some paid survey websites are in fact a scam. However, there are plenty that are not! There are several that will actually pay you and have paid those involved for years and years so far, and those that do this for an income stream are pretty satisfied with their results, generally speaking of course.

To Conclude, both claims are true!

Some are a scam and a waste of time and others are not! You just have to know what to look for. I have listed a few tips during this article as well such as, a legitimate company will inform you of the payout before you actually begin taking the survey.

Can You Quit Your Job?

Absolutely! You can always quit your job, if you like!

However, the income you will make is not ever going to be enough security for you to quit your job and feel comfortable. I don’t care if you manage to take 50 surveys every hour. Paid surveys isn’t a way to make a substantial amount of income from home and they’re not supposed to be!

They are designed as an easy way to make some type of secondary income during your spare time. If you are able to create more income than you were from your actual job, you probably didn’t choose a very good career choice in the first place.

They are designed to put an extra $300 in your bank account a month if you hit the industry hard and take action daily! They are not designed to give you a career!