Pinecone Research Review: Does Pinecone Research Offer A Legitimate Income Opportunity?

Paid surveys can be really fun and interesting. They can give people an extra income while helping businesses across the world stay updated on current trends or expressions. However, with so many paid survey websites out there, it may be difficult to find one that is legitimate.

Pinecone Research is a relatively new paid-survey website in which quickly climbed up the charts of mass discussion. They pay their members with cash-outs or points, in which can be redeemed for other rewards.

Some Neat Things About Pinecone Research

1. High Payouts – Pinecone Research pays their members a very lucrative amount. They actually pay up to $3 for every survey their members complete. With many other paid survey sites only paying a few cents($1 if you’re lucky) per survey, this is a very attractive feature!

2. Instant Cash-out – As soon as you complete your very first survey, you can cash out immediately. You can either redeem your points for some type of reward or accept the cash or PayPal payment. Keep in mind, processing does take time! Don’t expect to get a reward thirty minutes after completion of your first survey, but no restriction is in place in regards to “when” you can cash out. *You will start with points regardless. You either redeem your points for cool things or actual money.

3. Short Surveys – Surveys with this website generally last around 15-20 minutes. Although that’s a decent amount of time, once again, they are paying up to $3 per survey. So, that’s not too bad. Some paid survey websites pay much lower with survey duration times up to 40 minutes long!

Some Not So Neat Things About Pinecone Research

1. Participation is required! – If you don’t maintain a certain amount of participation and activity with your membership/account, they may actually remove you from the system. It’s not difficult to keep up the level of activity in which they are asking for, but this paid survey website isn’t one you can use as little or often as you’d like. Regulations are in place.

2. Only One Household Member – Only one household member can be involved with the paid survey opportunity that Pinecone research offers. This is just odd to me. They do, however, say that from time-to-time they will offer surveys in which you can include other members of your household. They actually state that they will remove you from being a member if more than one member of the household is taking surveys through Pinecone Research!

3. Outdated Website Interface – The website is quite outdated and not exactly something you would want to stare at for 20 minutes a day completing a survey. Yes, that’s really the only other con I could find with this website. I kind of dig the website, overall.

With all this information, the big question still remains.

Does Pinecone Research offer a legitimate income opportunity?

The Answer: Yes! A potentially lucrative opportunity, actually!

You are able to make money taking surveys through Pinecone Research, however, it’s not going to be a life-changing amount.

Taking surveys could definitely be what you are looking for if you are wanting to make a small extra income stream.

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