Get Your Brand Noticed With Corporate Videos

Visual content is progressively shifting towards moving content like videos. The world is going online and more people and businesses are sharing video content. Moving visual content grabs the attention of people. In fact, anything that moves will grab your attention. Think about it, when you see something moving in the corner of your eye, you are inclined to turn your head so that you can see what it is. Sometimes, it’s a bug or your pet. It made you look didn’t it?

A similar principle is used in social media and websites. You could scroll down your social media timeline viewing picture after picture, but once you see a moving picture such as a video, you are inclined to give in to your curiosity to see what it’s about. You may watch 5 seconds of the video or the full duration if it is interesting.

People are attracted to video content online especially if it is interesting or funny. The trick would be to make a video that is interesting. It could be something informative like how to make a certain craft, a DIY project or an unusual way to use an item. In other words, a think out of the box video. Or it could be funny like using your product in a blooper video or in a comical setting. It might be worth your while to consider incorporating videos in your marketing campaign.

You can make your own videos, as long as it is professionally done. By professionally done, I mean it should be well lit, have good colour balance, in a setting is suitable to the video theme and filmed clearly. You could use a professional camera or use your mobile phone, as long as the video quality is worthy of your brand. A badly lit and blurry video will simply be discarded by viewers. They won’t watch it.

Or perhaps you could create slideshows with images that you have and add music to give it a bit of life. If you don’t have the time to film and create videos, this is also a good option, provided you have good quality and attractive images.

Next, load your videos on YouTube, social media and your website. Share it on as many platforms as you can to gain exposure. This will create interest in your business thus creating brand awareness and trust. Remember that it takes time to build a brand before the business is able to get constant leads and generate sales.