Video Training Platform

The world of technology has capsulated the entire planet with its innovation-driven ideas, gadgets, mediums and machinery. Technology is helping us move forward, with us leaving behind the Industrial Revolution and now we’ve made it to a point where it has become impossible to practically work without the presence of technology. A field which has also been captured by technology is “training”. Today is there is a concept of providing training through means of videos. Many companies have an enterprise video management, which helps companies to store, search videos of various kinds which can be used to train employees.

A video training platform is a medium of learning through which people can be trained and made clear about various concepts which are new and current in the market. It also provides a simple, interactive and an intuitive interface to help with effective learning. Companies provide the perfect solutions to help the companies understand, learn and implement the videos in their daily lives. It provides the perfect framework with which the video culture thrives completely.

Functions of a Video Training Platform

  • Sales Video Channel:
    Various activities of sales can be viewed, this can be seen on the mobile devices.
  • Channel Member Training:
    Video training with regards to dealer, agents and repairs.
  • Factory Worker Training:
    Easy interactions with CEOs and select employees.
  • Early Engagement through Video:
    Training for campus hires through these induction videos.
  • Videos based on L&D:
    Video-based learning based on self-learning and self-application.
  • Video Enabled Customer Support:
    It helps agents learn through videos based on customer services.

Customers are also kept as a priority and providing a proper service and the focus is based on delivering the best products for the customers.

Benefits of a Video Training Platform

  • Provide up-to-date management information on attendance and attainment.
  • Track the progress of individuals and groups of children.
  • Increases communication with organisations.
  • Helps with training and development.
  • Stores work and data in one collective group.
  • Helps to balance out the workload through effective methods of technology.
  • It helps to increase knowledge and competence.
  • It helps to structure the entire learning atmosphere of new employees.
  • It helps to kill monotony.
  • Helps to keep confidentiality of the organisation’s data.
  • Easy to handle submissions of work and prepare presentations easily.
  • Helps to structure the happenings of the organization.

Key Applications

Learning Management System: This is the video engine that integrates with the LMS, adaptive streaming, intelligent streaming, and detailed analytics.

SharePoint: SharePoint adds a superlative video experience while keeping the same environment that users are used to. Video searching is precision and distributed video authoring. It helps to create a knowledge management to the level of a social enterprise.

Content Management Systems

There is a provision to merges CMS with applications such as WordPress and Joomla to bring enterprise-class and videos capabilities to websites, intranets and extranets.

The revolution of technology has helped the businesses sustain themselves to new innovations and trying to help employees get skilled to the level of expertise and helps to gain the skills which are additional to what is essential to the new ways of running the organisations. It also helps to build the relations between employees and employers and helps to create an environment for increased productivity.